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Welcome to our Swing Trading Labs

Where we get to explore all things Swing Trading

That’s right! I am building this site as a laboratory for people like you and me who are interested in testing different strategies and deciding how best to use swing trading for profit.

There is no shortage of information on the overview and general description of this form of trading. Detailed look at the topic including some strategies for trying out are also available on the web.

Then there are case studies by individuals who have tried swing trading which provide a general feedback on their experience. Naturally, full details of their journey with specific lessons learned and a score-board of their trades and results are hard to come by.

Our goal

It is my intention to devote part of this site to general principles and lessons learned from our own experimentation, and record the details of all the experiments in a separate part of the site as an archive to research any time in the future.

It is common to see opinions and advice that individual investors are better off skipping all forms of trading, swing trading included. However, I believe that maybe going too far and we may miss some juicy possibilities if we ignore swing trading. This site is to explore that hypothesis. As in a lab.

Even within the seemingly narrow topic of swing trading, the possibilities are many. In order to make it a manageable exercise, my focus in this site is swing trading of U.S. stocks in a manner suitable for individual investors. Specifically, this means I am more interested in devising techniques or spending just a small amount of time every week while reaping as much profit as feasible from the trades. Something suitable for any individual to try on the side, while keeping the day job intact.

I am passionate about understanding and discovering ways of using short-term, technical, trading of U.S. stocks for profit. Check out the articles above that build a case for trying it out. With that as the motivation, I wish to channel my passion to produce some winning experiments here.

The Journey

This site is designed to capture my journey in pursuit of this understanding for the benefit of us all. I invite you to join in, making it our journey together.

When you choose to accept my invitation, you will see a steady stream of communication including lessons learned and ideas refined towards our goal. Of course, you can always browse the site and engage with your comments. We can only benefit from such discussions of ideas presented.

You see above, a growing collection of articles on the topic that should provide food for thought. I encourage you to explore at will! To immerse yourself in this topic, I have provided a collection of external materials in the resources page for your convenience.

I look forward to having you with me on our pilgrimage. As we go along, I am confident you will agree that it’s a fruitful exercise.

Thank you for your interest.

P. Venkat Raman
Principal Investigator